Online Webinar, June 2023

Artificial Intelligence and human rights

Arab Center Washington DC

London, UK, April 2023

The Banality of Surveillance

Times of Surveillance Workshop

Denver, CO (moved online), November 2022

carceral convenience

Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Meeting

Online Webinar, March 2022

Under surveillance


Online Webinar, December 2021

Whose watching:  Surveillance in Jerusalem and the west Bank

Ir Amim-City of Nations

Online Webinar, November 2021

Welcome to the panopticon

The Institute for Middle East Peace

Washington D.C. (moved online), October 2020

Google Ayosh 

Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Meeting

Prague, CZ (moved online), August 2020

Big Data’s Shadow Archive

Society for Social Studies of Science Annual Meeting

Sheffield, UK, February 2021

BioPower’s Promise 

The Aesthetics of Drone Warfare,
An International Research Conference at the University of Sheffield

New Orleans, USA November 2019

A Street View of Hebron

Middle Eastern Studies Association Annual Meeting

Berlin, Germany August 2019

Everyday Affects of Surveillance 

3rd <Interrupted=cyfem and queer> a convergence curated by the Creamcake Collective

Chicago, IL, May 2017

Affective Interruptions on Birthright Israel

Master’s Program in Social Sciences Graduate Student Research Conference

Milwaukee, WI, May 2017

Anxious Itineraries

The Big No-A Center for 21st Century Conference
at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Medford, MA October 2015

Jewish American Identity/Politics

Tufts University American Studies Shapiro Award Reception

Medford, MA, August 2014

Sylvia Wynter and Cultural Criticism 

Tufts University Summer Scholars Symposium